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Zhian Lu is a European choreographer, dancer and model. He developed at an early age a keen and quirky sense of style and movement. His unique way of moves set him to work with numerous international brands and artists


Born and raised in Brussels, Zhian began dancing at the age of 14. Mostly trained in Hip hop and Urban, his path has brought him all around the world in influential cities such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, Paris, London, Tokyo,... to showcase and perform his art. Living in London since 2017, he got the opportunity to expend his panel not only as a dancer but also as a model.  



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Dancing since he is 14 years old, Zhian quickly fell in love with creating visual uniqueness and choreographing sets and performances. ​Moved to Sweden in 2015 ( as part of the thirteen dancers selected from a worldwide submission ) Zhian dedicated ten intensive months brainstorming, sharing, training, collaborating and learning alongside the elite of the dance industry. Zhian has now built an incredible versatile network and worked with many different productions and clients


His art and vision received even more reach after getting offered to teach at the renowned Movement Lifestyle in Los Angeles. Which marked the first of many international trips. Zhian lives in London since 2017, the multi-cultural influence of a mega city such as London enriched and enlarged not only his panel, but also his skills set to an even greater level

2020 or the start of a new path for Zhian as he has been the key choreographer for the special BVLGARI x AMBUSH collaboration event in Shanghai.

Renowned for his craft and choreographies worldwide, Zhian's style is based off hip-hop influenced moves fused with a touch of contemporary feels

2021 marks the start of a new milestone in Zhian's career as he embarks into a new project  that can yet be disclosed.  *(information will be updated when close to premiere event)

When Not outside of the country, Zhian is teaching every MONDAY 5:30pm at the worldwide renowned Base Dance Studios, considered one of the most leading space in the Industry.










'' When visual aesthetic and urban roughness clashes, a marriage in strength, grooves and delicateness emerges. ''



Candid, expressive and exploring with the camera, Zhian's style is based on everyday's wear with a twist of urban trend. ​Confident and easy to work with, his aura and personality always bring an extra touch for good project to become great.

Represented by BAME Models and ModelPlus in London, Lu has modelled with brands such as Levi's in Shanghai posing for their Lycra campaign. Dr.Martens and Nike in London for respectively  'Hackney moves' and 2020 fall    collection. Burger King in Brussels, Verizon in BedfordCornavin in Zurich Carhartt WIP in Dresden, just to name a few.  


Height: 186 // 6'1

Shoes: 42,5 // UK 8

Eyes: Dark Brown

Bottom: 31-32

Hair: Black

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